Planning is Needed to Really Save Money on Your Household Expenses

Do you have an endless supply of money? I don’t. I have to keep track of our income and expenses. My wife and I sit down once a month to plan expenses. We plan ahead for upcoming things such as taxes, car service, travel, vacations and even our daughter’s braces. We try to anticipate things to not be surprised. Also, even if it is only a few dollars per week, we put some money aside for our own emergency fund. We make it a point to find ways to save. You can click here if you want to do what we did to save money on our monthly electric bill.

What we did was to find another provider that offered a much lower per kilowatt hour rate. We wanted a fixed rate monthly plan. We got one that had a minimum usage requirement per month for the lower rate, but that was not a problem to meet. Continue reading

I Just Started My First Job

At least this is the first real job that I have had, before now I have done the usual high school jobs and part time jobs while I was at college. I have flipped burgers and worked behind the counter of convenience stores. When I was a junior I had a summer job working for Reliant energy in Houston. They gave me a tiny little pick up truck and sent me around to read the meters for them. Of course it seemed as though I ended up in the worst parts of the city. The truth is a couple of times I thought about getting a pistol and carrying it, because some times you would come across homeless people who seemed to be mentally ill. That can be a little scary, since you have to ask yourself just how crazy is the individual. Continue reading

Good Designer Sunglasses Can Protect Your Eyes Like Hearing Protectors Protect Your Ears

Around here sunglasses are a necessity. They do not call it “Sunny California” for nothing. The bright sun bounces off of the buildings and concrete in the big cities, and by the end of the day your eyes can hurt. Did you know that retinal sunburns are possible? Sounds odd but it is true. You can get sun damage inside your eyes like you can on your skin. I wear a good pair of designer sunglasses every day. Even the overcast days here have a lot of UV light bouncing around. I rarely see people who do not wear sunglasses anymore.

The reason I stick with good designer sunglasses is because of the quality of the optics. I want lenses that are guaranteed to filter out the spectrum of UV light that can be damaging to my retinas. Continue reading

You Can Safely Trust Your Loved Ones to a Family Owned and Operated Business

There exists merely something reassuring with regards to a family-owned company that often makes a different family sense that they are able to safely trust their very own loved ones’ requirements to it. Specially when it’s a nearby small business that has definitely been about for years. There’s just something solid-feeling about this. Such holds true with Peeler Environmental (, which, once was formerly referred to as Bill’s Exterminating Business practically half a century back, in 1968. High quality, similar to cream, incorporates a means of soaring to the peak. Today, this specific corporation as well as their well-trained staff members are yet taking good care of neighborhood residents’ pest management requirements. This is the time of the year for you to call with regard to protective assistance, plus, to become alert regarding things like Japanese Hornet nests, large numbers of wood-boring bees, along with naturally the difficult to circumvent spiders along with ants.

In case you have concerns in regards to the safe practices associated with pesticide usage in the area your young ones, then you are not alone. These tend to be the individuals that comprehend, along with who shall set your concerns to rest. Their very own chemical substances are actually stronger when compared with something sold at the food market, and therefore they can use diminished amounts of them. Whenever possible, baits as well as traps are employed. Make no mistake their own concerns for your special family’s protection and for the environment happen to be every bit as dedicated as yours!

The Story Behind the Hampton Creek Food Revolution

In 2011 two young businessmen began to see flaws in the world’s food supply chain. They recognized that the current, unsustainable system depends on animal protein and is harming millions of people. Although Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk weren’t the first earth-friendly businessmen to notice these issues, they were two of the first to aggressively begin to fix it. They founded hampton creek, a food technology company. Since then they have created several plant-based products, developed food research tools and caught the attention of the public. Continue reading

A Story About Hampton Creek on Los Angeles Times Summarizes an Eventful Year

Mayonnaise is something that millions enjoy without thinking much about, but it turns out to be a little more complicated than might be thought. Not in terms of actually producing the condiment, as that is simple: Just mix some eggs with vinegar and oil in proportions that result in a smooth, tasty emulsion. What is complicated about mayonnaise, instead, or at least with regard to the more casual form described as “mayo,” is just what qualifies for the label. Continue reading

Green Tea Powder Is the Perfect Way to Increase Your Antioxidants

Antioxidants are crucial for good health. When the body is low in antioxidants, free radicals can begin to attack the body and cause damage to the cells. Unfortunately, free radicals can lead to cancerous tumor growths and increased signs of aging. Fortunately, there is a way to combat free radicals and destroy them. With antioxidants, this is possible. Though antioxidants can be found in many fruits and vegetables, many are surprised to learn Matcha green tea is full of them. When one drinks this tea on a daily basis, they can protect their health and stay looking younger. Continue reading

Benefits of Adding Dandelion to a Healthy Diet

Today’s world seems to be driven by the pharmaceutical industry. Doctors have more access to prescription medications than ever before and there seems to be a pill for nearly every ailment. Unfortunately, most of them have side effects that make them less than desirable. While they may help one condition, some of these drugs can bring on symptoms of another, more uncomfortable problem. The answer, for many people, is in the health food store and not the pharmacy. Continue reading

The Vegan’s Opportunity to Introduce Hampton Creek Products to Non-Vegans

It’s easier than it used to be to eat a vegan diet because of food producers like Hampton Creek. Nevertheless, people who choose a vegan diet often discover that their meat-eating friends and relatives give them a bit of a hard time about the decision in one way or another. These acquaintances might voice concern about lack of nutrients and protein this diet, or they might joke about murdered plants. At a family dinner gathering, somebody might pass the plate of sliced ham or beef to the vegan guest and innocently ask, “Want any meat?” Continue reading

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