How to Select the Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. What is the perfect vacuum for one person might be the worst choice for another. Go past the suction power of a machine as you shop and consider additional features that might make a major difference down the line. When you head out to buy your next vacuum, keep these considerations in mind.

Where are You Going to Store It?

Housekeeping is so much easier when you have a simple-to-access storage location for your vacuum cleaner. Scout out your house to find a variety of places that will work and shop with those spots in mind. If you only have room for an upright, consider restricting your choices or be prepared to change your home to accommodate your vacuum in a new location.

Is There a Warranty?

A good vacuum cleaner comes at a high cost. Keep in mind that some are lemons just like cars are no matter what the reviews have to say. Read the fine print on the warranty to make sure that your investment won’t just be money out of pocket if it stops working shortly after you purchase it.

How Much Surface Do You Have to Clean?

Vacuum cleaner heads come in all sorts of dimensions. If your home is small and filled with tight places, then it makes sense to purchase a smaller cleaner. However, if you have oodles of floor to cover, then by all means get one with a larger head so you can get your vacuuming done quickly.

How Much Weight Can You Lift?

When a vacuum cleaner weighs more than you can readily handle, it is not a good choice for you. Take the time to lift the store model and move it around on the floor before you purchase. This is especially important when you have multiple floors and only one vacuum per house.

What Type of Filter Do You Require?

Both disposable filters and washable filters are available. Your choice depends entirely on the level of convenience that you want. However, if you have animals in the house or people with allergies, getting a HEPA filter is your best option to keep allergens under control.

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