I Found a Place Near Cape Anne

I am not sure that you can even get any sort of tv service in this place aside from one of those satellite dish services, but I found this place near the coast near Cape Ann MA. It is a bit run down and there is probably half a million little things and a big list of big things that need to be done there. Of course for me it is close to perfect as I am looking for a hobby and this would keep a man busy for a life time. The nearest town is probably Manchester by the Sea, which is where a lot of the rich Boston families used to have summer homes. There is some beautiful 19th century architecture in that area and I was up in there doing some photography when I decided to come up this way on a lark. I found this old place by accident and realized that it was for sale.

I am trying to figure out what sort of internet you can get up here. I am sure there is something. The place is something I want, but it is not an entirely practical idea if I can not get high speed internet. The real estate lady did not seem to know, but it is quite obvious that the seller is wanting to sell and that I could probably drive a hard bargain if I decided that I wanted to buy the place. I have to think about the amount of money that I would need to put in the place after I bought it of course. That is not going to be a small thing. This is the sort of thing that could turn into a real money pit if you were not extremely careful about the money you spent.