I Just Started My First Job

At least this is the first real job that I have had, before now I have done the usual high school jobs and part time jobs while I was at college. I have flipped burgers and worked behind the counter of convenience stores. When I was a junior I had a summer job working for Reliant energy in Houston. They gave me a tiny little pick up truck and sent me around to read the meters for them. Of course it seemed as though I ended up in the worst parts of the city. The truth is a couple of times I thought about getting a pistol and carrying it, because some times you would come across homeless people who seemed to be mentally ill. That can be a little scary, since you have to ask yourself just how crazy is the individual. It could be crazy in a mildly amusing way or it could the really scary type of crazy.

My job is really entry level, but it pays reasonably well and this is a company where there is a really good opportunity for advancement. I get the feeling that they have me starting out on probation really. They want to see what I am really about before they put me on full time. That is pretty common, because you have to think about all of the benefits that go along with the job. You do not want to hire a slip and fall artist who will work a few hours and then claim some injury so that they can collect an insurance payoff. Of course I am not really too worried about, because I have already figured out that they are short on the sort of skills that I have. I know this because two of the middle managers got into a shouting match about me.