Pain in the Lower Back

Pain in the lower back tops the list of complaints physicians often hear about. Most people believe that a good massage is a necessity because of its known effect to relieve lower back pain. Some simply take pain in the lower back as the result of a hard day’s work. However, the overly conscious ones regard it seriously. Most of them panic and think morbidly especially if the pain has been persisting for more than a week. They rush to clinics and demand that doctors take away the pain.Pain in the Lower Back

A Guide to Pain in the Lower Back

Sufferers of pain in the lower back are curious to know the real cause of this condition. They can patiently and intently listen to a doctor’s explanation and look forward to the solution or treatment prescribed.

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A Look at the Component of the Lower Back

Do you know why your lower back usually hurts? Why is it so susceptible to pain? Since the effect of pain in the lower back can truly be a nuisance, it is important for you to understand its structure and why throbbing is often felt.

The lower back’s structure is primarily made up of the spinal column of vertebrae, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and groups of muscles. The lower back is generally designed to be strong and flexible. But since people have a lot to do and give in to strenuous activities, these components easily get swollen. Also, injuries possibly come as a result.

lower back


Straining the muscles is common especially with the number of laborious activities each person tackles. Add to it the fact that you are oftentimes guilty of improper sitting and lying positions. The muscles can tighten, ligaments can be torn, bones are fractured, joints are injured, and the nerves can be strained. Also, stress prompts the muscles to tighten and even lead to herniated disks. If these muscle groups lose energy, then, it is unable to provide adequate support to the spine.

Pain is triggered when these muscle groups are strained:

  • Extensor muscles – These are the muscles that support the spine. A terrible pain is caused even at the slightest injury.
  • Flexor muscles – Adjoining the front of the spine, they make bending forward, lifting things, and flexing easy.
  • Oblique muscles – Found at the sides of the spine, the oblique muscles allow proper rotation and provides good posture.

Understanding Chronic Lower Back Pain

If pain in the lower back persists for more than a week already, then, it is high time you get help. Oftentimes, physicians will tell you not to stop using the affected muscle groups but you will insist on rather not obeying. What you don’t know is that these muscles weaken if you stop using them. That is what is known as “chronic lower back pain”.

The symptoms vary as well. If yours is characterized by a dull, deep, or burning pain which goes all through the leg, then, you must be suffering from chronic back pain. An injury is suggested by a sharp pain. So, if you feel any of these, you should consult a doctor immediately.