Planning is Needed to Really Save Money on Your Household Expenses

Do you have an endless supply of money? I don’t. I have to keep track of our income and expenses. My wife and I sit down once a month to plan expenses. We plan ahead for upcoming things such as taxes, car service, travel, vacations and even our daughter’s braces. We try to anticipate things to not be surprised. Also, even if it is only a few dollars per week, we put some money aside for our own emergency fund. We make it a point to find ways to save. You can click here if you want to do what we did to save money on our monthly electric bill.

What we did was to find another provider that offered a much lower per kilowatt hour rate. We wanted a fixed rate monthly plan. We got one that had a minimum usage requirement per month for the lower rate, but that was not a problem to meet. We went over our bills for the last three years and saw that we exceeded their minimum monthly kilowatt hour usage by at least 30 percent. So, there were no worries about paying any penalty fees for not meeting the minimum usage requirement. You should look at your electricity usage for summer and winter. It will vary a bit. Here in Texas, air conditioning really ups the electric bill every month.

If you look around your house, you will see that practically everything plugs in. Even if it runs on batteries, sooner or later you are probably charging it by plugging a charger into a wall outlet. You probably leave chargers plugged in all the time too. They use energy even if they are not actually in use charging something. Another thing is that TVs and pretty much everything else still use power when they are off. There is no getting around the need to plug stuff in, but you can save money on what you pay per month to do it.