The Story Behind the Hampton Creek Food Revolution

In 2011 two young businessmen began to see flaws in the world’s food supply chain. They recognized that the current, unsustainable system depends on animal protein and is harming millions of people. Although Joshua Tetrick and Josh Balk weren’t the first earth-friendly businessmen to notice these issues, they were two of the first to aggressively begin to fix it. They founded hampton creek, a food technology company. Since then they have created several plant-based products, developed food research tools and caught the attention of the public.

Pea Protein Started a Revolution

One of the first things that Hampton Creek founders did was tackle the egg. That is to say, they recognized that eggs are one of the most commonly used ingredients in foods and are animal-based protein. The company combined its own research with partners’ findings and developed Beyond Eggs, a plant-based egg replacement. It is gluten and cholesterol free. Although made from yellow peas, canola, sunflower lecithin and natural gums, it still behaves and tastes like eggs. However, designers can update it when they develop improvements, the same way that technology companies update software. For instance, as research continues, it might be tweaked to help it last longer.

The Public Picked up On a New Idea

Since Hampton Creek’s goal was to revolutionize food production, they soon developed Just Mayo, Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough. Products are non GMO, created from sustainable products and delicious. The business was able to achieve these results by hiring accomplished chefs and scientists. Their Just Mayo product was picked up by retail giants like Costco, Publix and Walmart. Soon the public was getting more information at websites such as and locating product retailers at Health and food companies as well as the business community have also4587yhu9+6g7u published hundreds of articles about the business.

Research Is Spurring Continued Progress

Since its original product was introduced, Hampton Creek has developed a huge plant database. They use it to pinpoint profitable, sustainable, healthy cash crops that can be grown by farmers around the globe. Company founders are also developing many new foods, including Just Muffins, Just Cake and Just Muffins.

Food technology professionals like Hampton Foods are developing healthier food alternatives made from sustainable plants. Their efforts are designed to provide the world with tasty, affordable, healthy alternatives to the unhealthy foods flooding the market.